Picky, Picky

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I am almost ashamed to admit what terrible eaters my two boys are.  Dave and I are not picky – though there are a few things we both might not like, we are open to eating almost anything that is served to us.  We tried when they were babies and even as long ago as that, they were difficult to feed.  They were very particular to what they liked, (very little) and did not like, (almost everything).  We joked for awhile that DJ would only eat beige food; bread, pasta, American cheese, cereal and chicken nuggets.  Other than the foods on his “Beige Diet”, he would eat pizza but very little more.  He doesn’t even like desserts so I could not “sneak” healthy ingredients into cookies or brownies.

When Drew was born, nearly five years later, we decided that we would not continue that path, but no matter what we tried, Drew refused it.  The only difference in their diets is that Drew will eat some fruit.  It frustrates Dave and me and we sadly have fallen into the trap of making more than one meal for dinner.  I vowed I’d never do it, but they would not eat if I didn’t.  They did not get to the “they’ll eat when they are hungry” stage.   They truly would just not eat.  I tell them all of the time that when I was growing up, my mom made ONE meal.  We all ate it and we sat at the table until everyone was finished.  I have no problem with them sitting down for dinner and staying there until we are all done, they do that without a problem.  Unfortunately, we are just not all eating the same thing.

Their pediatrician told me that they are growing steadily and seem healthy in all other ways, so I should just let it be and they would begin having more variation in their diets as they get older.  But now DJ is SIXTEEN and still not an adventurous eater.  Especially when it comes to meat.  Every once in awhile he will try something, but he usually doesn’t take more than a bite or two. He is not a scrawny kid like you might expect…sadly he does enjoy a lot of the unhealthy foods that most of us try to limit.  He can eat pizza and fried food and plenty of it.  I try to discourage it but when he is not with me hovering over him, there is little I can say or do.

Tonight, I made a new recipe in the crockpot.  It was delicious.   I asked DJ to try just a little taste before I made an entirely different meal for him and he did.  He actually admitted to liking it!  I nearly fell over.  Drew would have no part of it and stuck to leftover mac and cheese and corn on the cob, (which DJ won’t eat).

Dave and I loved the dinner…(if you get the chance to make it, do it!!  It was simple and delicious.)  DJ picked it apart, but he ate some.  I know it seems silly for me to get excited over this.  He is too old for me to be reveling in this, but I am finding such delight in the pleasure even if it is only for a little while!  He even ate a tomato and red onion from the salad I made to go with it!  He told me that while he was at work he ate a slice of Bruschetta Pizza and I nearly fell off my chair.  I even questioned him asking if there were “real tomatoes and onions” on it!!

Maybe our pediatrician was right.  It may have taken a lot longer than expected, and maybe he is only trying it to appease me, but each time he incorporates a new food to his limited list, I take satisfaction in knowing that he has added something new.   Now, time to get Drew to follow along…

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