Happy Day


I have been writing a lot about “the little things” lately.  Maybe it is because it is Summer.  I am relaxed and work is over for now, or maybe it is because Dave is back to work…but whatever it is, lately I just feel happy and that is a good thing.  We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary.  The kids are healthy and happy.  I love our little dog.  The plans for fixing up the house are starting to fall into place.  Despite our difficult year, we all seem to be moving on – even my dad and brother.  Today, I could not help but smile as a yellow butterfly circled around me no less than six times while I was taking Emmy Lou for a walk.  Whether or not it was trying to tell me something – it made me think of my mom and Francine and even though I miss them, it gave me more happy memories.

Tonight I am looking forward to meeting a group of girl friends for dinner.  I have not seen them in awhile.  We all went to high school together and live fairly locally, but like everyone else, our busy schedules get in the way so it has taken some time to get us together.  When I came across this quote this afternoon, I felt it was perfect to sum up my day.  Lots of little things have really made today a happy day.  I hope you are having one too!

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