Brotherly Love


It has been raining on and off all day today.  My plans of spending the day at the pool did not pan out.  Instead, I went into school for a little while to get things done in my classroom and told the boys that while I was there they should choose a movie that we could go see this afternoon.

Having two boys with a lot of the same interests, usually makes decisions like this easy.  Unfortunately, with their nearly five year age difference, the movies, (and their ratings,) kept them from being able to settle on one that they could both agree on.  The “adult” content was way too mature for Drew, or to young for DJ.  We scrapped the movie idea and my two “totally bored” boys sat and tried to figure out something we could do that they could both enjoy.  They decided on bowling.  I made Drew promise before going that he would not get upset if he lost, (he is an incredibly sore loser,) and that if he did, there would have to be consequences.

Neither of them have gone bowling in years!  The last time we went they used the bumpers to prevent any gutter balls.  I am not very good at bowling myself.  If I break 100, it is a big deal!!  It is not a sport that we have spent a lot of time playing.  The kids seemed excited – even if it was just bowling with mom.  We traded in our sneakers for bowling shoes and chose our balls.  Wow!  This was a hard decision for Drew.  He needed the perfect one.  We had no time constraints so DJ and I just let him take his time until he found the “right one” – which by the way was only the “right one” for the first frame.  He needed another one after the second, third…..

DJ went first.  we all agreed NO BUMPERS!  Gutterball!  Wow this was harder than it looked.  Second roll, GUTTERBALL!!  I tried giving him some words of advice, “keep your wrist stiff” and “try to follow the lines “.  My turn.  TWO GUTTERBALLS!!  So much for my good advice.  We all had a good laugh over that.  Drew’s turn, first roll….GUTTERBALL.  This was going to be a long game.  Then, on his second roll he knocked down six!!  All of us cheered!  DJ’s turn again.  Two more gutterballs.  He was laughing and shaking his head at the same time.  My turn, not great, but I knocked down a few.  On DJ’s third frame he finally knocked some down.  Phew.  The game went on like this but none of us broke 80 points before it was over.

We had paid for two rounds and actually debated if we should put the bumpers up for the second game!!  We didn’t.  All of us did better but still no one even got to 100.  DJ and Drew wanted to play another game and DJ treated for their last game.  I sat out of that one.  By this time, all of us had rolled at least one strike and a few spares.  Drew has some crazy spin on his ball that even he does not know how he does it, but even people in other lanes were laughing as a ball rolling along the gutter suddenly swerved for the head pin.

It was only a few hours out of the rain, out of the house, together this afternoon but it was fun spending time with both boys.  No fighting – even though Drew didn’t win any of the games.  They were even cheering each other on and giving each other advice.  I actually took notice of the two families playing in the lanes on either side of us.  Both of them were a mom and two boys.  All of the games were going just like ours.  They were encouraging, cheering and complimenting each other.  Some kind of strange “brotherly love vibe” must have been flowing through the bowling alley this afternoon.    I just wish I could have bottled it so that I could have saved it for another time!


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