Getting Back to Work

teachers who love teaching

Getting back into the classroom is always an exciting time for me.  I love making new name tags, decorating and rearranging my classroom to make the most of my classroom space.  As a kid, I loved opening boxes of new crayons, markers and colored pencils  – I still do!!  All the sharpened pencils and fresh glue sticks are ready to go.

Our school starts late this year.  Although teachers report “officially” on Tuesday, the students do not start until September 9th.  I have been back to school a few times now and my room is almost ready to greet my twenty-two new Kindergarteners.

One of the best parts of getting back to school is seeing all of my co-workers.  We see each other in the halls, greet each other with hugs and stop working on our classrooms so that we can catch up.  We have some new teachers, filled with anticipation of what lies ahead of them and  a lot of experienced teachers who return year after year because they, like myself, really love to teach.

Every new school year is a fresh start.  A new beginning – especially in Kindergarten where some of these children are just beginning their school experiences.  Every year is different than the last and I feel invigorated and ready to embark on a new adventure.


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