Summer Storm


When I was a child I was terrified of thunder and lightening. As an adult I find it fascinating – but still a little scary! Tonight we took the kids to a minor league baseball game. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs were playing the Pawtucket Red Sox.

It was beastly hot when we arrived. Considering that the day had been muggy but not oppressive, it was unexpected. Especially because it was almost six in the evening when the temperature usually begin to cool down. I had even brought a sweatshirt to the game in case it got cool.

Being in a valley we were able to watch the storm roll in. It was far enough away to not cause a delay or postponement of the game right away. The lightening was mesmerizing. Heat lightening was flashing in the sky and bolts were striking in the distance. Fans oohed and aahed as if we were watching a fireworks show. There was still no rain yet so the game continued. The lightening must have still been far enough away. Then little drops began to fall. They got bigger and bigger with less time in between each one. The game was halted and the skies opened up. It was getting very dark and fans ran to take cover under any awnings they could find.

The rain came down in torrents. It sounds exaggerated but we honestly could not see much in front of us it was coming down so hard. We found a spot out of the rain but the wind was blowing so hard we still got wet. The rain let up but the lightening and thunder were still in the area so the game was canceled and the fans began to disperse. The sky was a spectacular color blue.

As we drove home, we watched the most impressive light show as the lightening filled the night sky. It seems silly but, I never realized how many clouds were in the sky at night. It is always dark, how would I know – but of course they are there. The lightening lit up the sky revealing the most beautiful beautiful clouds underneath the blackness of the night. In our populated area of New Jersey where we live, there are so many lights and so much traffic, I don’t think we could have appreciated the beauty of the storm as we did tonight on the ride home through the unlit roads of Pennsylvania.

Even the kids were impressed. A good summer storm now and then really makes me appreciate this amazing planet we live on.




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