I find it hard to get back into routine. I was back to school today, getting there by 7:30 and staying till after 5:00. I try not to stay that late during the school year but sometime there is so much to do, I don’t even realize the time until its already too late.

By the time I got home, Drew was already off to baseball practice and DJ was at a friend’s house. Fortunate Dave was able to get them to and from where they had to be. I wound up doing another two hours of school work at home before I realized it was nearly 8:00 and we hadn’t made dinner. By this point we decided to order something in to make it easy. We try not to do that too often during the week but there are some days that convenience wins.

Although Summer provides a welcome break from routine, once school starts up for all of us again, we can get back to the routine we all need. Even with sports and homework, being on a schedule make us all more orderly and gives a sense of balance in our lives. Ironically that lack of structure is what I love so much about summer, but it is time to get back to work and school and to the “real world”. It will be good for all of us.



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