First Day


Today was the first day of school for Drew and for me.  Drew came home ecstatic.  Not only did he get the teacher he was hoping to get for Social Studies, but he also got him for homeroom AND study hall!  It is so nice to see him excited about school.  He has always loved his teachers. He just doesn’t love school.  Not the work, not the structure.  So listening to him to talk to us all about his day was such a treat.  He told us about the problematic locker which had to be switched, (since even the custodians could not take care of it).  He told us about the other kids in his class.  Stuff that I am sure doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we are coming from getting very little out of him regarding school to him offering us information even without us asking…it is huge!  Will it last??  Who knows but it sure made me happy tonight!

As for my first day…I am exhausted.  I always say that September is the hardest month of teaching – especially in Kindergarten.  Establishing rules and routines takes a lot of time.  It will take us at least a month to get the structure down to a regimen.  Everyday is an adventure in the beginning of the school year. I never know what to expect.  Sometimes the first day goes smoothly and the second day falls apart!!  The build up of the first day for some children is so huge, that they don’t realize they have to go back and do it again then next day…and for 178 days after that!!   I had no criers today.  That is always a positive start!

DJ starts tomorrow.  His biggest apprehension right now is that he got a schedule that has all of his classes on it, but seems to be lacking classroom locations!  His day begins at 7:30 am.  He knows the day begins with Chemistry – he just doesn’t know where to go when he gets there.  I am sure it will all work out.  It usually does.  He and his friends are texting about it.  Apparently  he is not the only one in this situation.  I am sure he is relieved that he is not alone.

So – here’s to tomorrow.  Hoping that our days go smoothly, that  DJ makes it to all of his classes and that Drew will continue to enjoy school.  If we all come home smiling, it will be a success!


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