training humans

Two days of school are done.  178 to go!!  It has been a fun couple of days. It has been exciting.  It has been a whirlwind.  It has been exhausting!  Anyone who thinks teachers have it easy, “with their summers off” and “great hours,” hasn’t spent a day in the classroom!!
Especially in the first few weeks of school!!  I get to school an hour before the students arrive and I stay long after they leave.  I bring home work that needs to get done in order to be ready for the next day.  Half of my weekends are spent planning for the upcoming weeks.  Of course that is all work that gets done after taking care of my own family, who needs to have dinner made, get homework done, lunches made…

I am not alone.  I know this, and even though I am feeling as if I will never be able to get it all done, it will.  It always does.  I am lucky because I love my job.  I love teaching. I love getting up and going to work everyday.  There is nothing else I’d rather do for a living.  The rewards  far outnumber the exhaustion!


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