The First Week

tired teacher

The first week of Kindergarten is over and what a busy week it was!

One hundred and seventy-five more days to go!  No matter how much I love it, (and I truly do,)  I always think this way in the beginning of the school year.  The first month of Kindergarten is so challenging!

I enjoy teaching so much – but you will find a completely different level of enthusiasm in September than you will find any other month of the school year!!  After having a class leave in June, completely “trained” in routines and ready to be First Graders, starting all over again is rough.  It is the same in all grades.  Everyone gets their class right where we need them to be and bam they move onto the next grade.

This week, we established classroom rules, we learned each others names, sang songs, did some writing and read books all about Kindergarten.  The children felt “like big kids” when they got their own math and handwriting workbooks.   We played with our Magic Play Dough, and sure enough, just as it does every other year, it elicited excited squeals and giggles.

The weekend is here.  So to all of the teachers out there, feeling just like I am right now, take these few days to recoup and get some rest, so you have the energy to get back to school and do it all over again for Week Two.

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