great dada

This morning, my day began with me attending a funeral for a friend’s father.  He had ten children!  It was so evident at this service just how much he was loved by each and every one of them.  The church was filled with family and friends.  Hearing his loved ones talk about what a wonderful man he was truly was heartwarming.  There were tears and there was laughter for a man who surely touched the lives of many.

My day ended with us celebrating my own father.  Today is his 68th birthday. To celebrate, my brothers and sister and our families took him to dinner and celebrated him.  It was a fun night for all of us but it was also bittersweet knowing how much mom and Francine would have loved to be there with us.  Of course we know they were there in spirit, watching over us and helping dad blow out his candles but there was definitely a void, not having them sitting there with us as we sang “Happy Birthday.”  Mom always sang the loudest – even if it wasn’t always in tune!!

Drew told me that this morning, he went to visit my dad and since he knew my mom wasn’t able to sing her “special version” of the song, he did it in her memory.  I am sure my dad appreciated it.



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