Almost Forgot!

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After a fun-filled day in Kindergarten, coming home to begin the task of cleaning Drew’s bedroom-  in the hopes of finding a missing library book, family dinner and continuing to clean Drew’s bedroom – which by the way is STILL not done, I got into bed exhausted.  Dave said, “so what did you write about tonight?”  I jumped out of bed yelling, “nothing!”  Thank goodness he reminded me.  It would have been the first night in 9 1/2 months that I had not written!

I had planned to write about Kindergarten today.  It was the 10th day of school.  We call that a “Bundle Day.”  Every ten days of school, we have a bundle day and we dance around the classroom singing a little chant and dancing to a conga line.   A bundle day is a fun way to teach place value.  The kids love it!!  It was also Field Day at our school.  Our field day is located at a nearby park but Kindergarten does not attend.  It is a long walk for them and after a long day of school, so early in the school year, it would probably be overwhelming for a lot of them.  Instead, all 110 Kindergarteners get to do The Kindergarten Stomp around the building.  We gather them in a long line and march through the hallways of Tuscan School singing songs, stomping our feet and clapping our hands.  Normally, we are teaching them to be silent in the halls so we don’t disturb other classes so this is quite a treat!! 

For most grownups,  Bundle Dancing and The Kindergarten Stomp might seem a bit silly, but to a five year old – it is one of the best days of Kindergarten!  The fact that they coincided together was just a plus!  It also happened to fall on Laundry Day – could this day get any better???  Laundry Day is the day where the students get to bring something in to school that begins with the letters of the week.  Having all three happen at once?!?!  Well that was just serendipity!!

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