Happy Birthday Chip


Today is my older brother’s 45th birthday!  Chip is not married and does not have any children, therefore he dotes upon all of his nephews and his niece and cousins’ children.  He spoils them and enjoys spending time with them.  I have mentioned before that my family is fortunate to live very close to each other so we see him often.  He works for my dad at their store in town so he sees the kids all of the time.  My oldest son DJ, sees him the most because he works there too.

Chip is not the athletic type but he loves sports and goes to games whenever possible.  He follows certain teams religiously and knows everything there is to know about those teams and their players.  Anyone who is ever at a loss of what to get him for a birthday doesn’t have to think to hard…if it has a sports theme, he’s happy!  This year, we gave him a gift card to Sports Authority or Modells.  He has so many sports jerseys and “stuff”, so this way, he can choose whatever he wants with it!

With adults, Chip’s conversational skills are lacking, (he knows this is true, so there I doubt he’d be upset that I wrote that.)  He will rarely start up a conversation with anyone, but once a  mention of sports comes in, he will gladly join in a conversation.  He also doesn’t show a lot of emotion.  That changes when it comes to sports though!  Yet, with our kids, he has no problem and I think he finds it most comfortable.  This gives him a special attachment to my boys because of their mutual love of sports.

We celebrated his birthday on Friday night with the whole family because with sports and other weekend commitments, we were not sure if we’d all be able to get together today.   It seems as if it might work out tonight though.  As many of us can make it will join him tonight for another birthday celebration, (a person can never have enough birthday celebrations can they?)

So happy birthday Chip.  Enjoy your day.  Maybe the Giants will give you a win tonight to celebrate.  Now that would be a great gift!

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