Time Flies

time flies

Tonight was Back to School Night at the high school for DJ.  Tomorrow is Drew’s.  Since I went to both schools that the boys go to it was a bit nostalgic this evening.  The high school is HUGE!   Even when I went there, it was big.  Over 2000 students!!  Even though it was 25 years ago, I felt pretty confident knowing where I was going while other parents were scrambling.  Now…. if only DJ had written the correct classroom numbers on the schedule!  Fortunately I had a feeling something like that might happen so I went ahead and got another schedule as I entered the school.

I can’t remember all of the rooms that I had classes in but I remember a few and DJ is in some of those rooms. I remember Dave’s homeroom and my own where we’d meet after class during Senior year.  I remember some of the teachers – who are still there.  I passed so many friends of mine and we all just shook our heads in disbelief wondering how we could have kids old enough to be in high school!!

When DJ was a baby, everyone told me to enjoy those days because time flies.  Now I know exactly what they were talking about.  Two more years until he graduates from high school and who knows where he will go from there!

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