Sesame Street

hug a monster

Now that my boys are older, I can honestly say that I cannot remember when the last time I watched Sesame Street.  I loved watching it as a kid and I loved watching it as a mom.  Maybe it is the teacher in me, but it has always captured my attention.  The short, educational clips, the Muppets with all of their creative personalities….I loved it all.  I would find myself watching it even when there weren’t kids around.  I still sing songs that I learned on that show.  I read that the show has received over 100 Emmy’s since it began!!  That must mean it is doing something right!

As I kid, I wished that someone would actually tell me “how to get to Sesame Street” so that I could really go and visit.  It was just such a happy place!!

Today I came across this video clip from Jimmy Fallon that made me smile.  Those Muppets always have that affect on me.  I cannot help but laugh every time I hear Elmo.  I thought I’d share and give others the chance for a memory and a smile as well.  Enjoy!  It is totally worth the two and a half minutes.

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