We Should Write a Book…

let them be little

There are so many funny things that kids say and I always say I am going to write them down.  Unfortunately I never do and then I forget!  My coworkers and I joke how we could write a book if we would just take the time to jot them all down!

I have touched on this in my blog before, when I wrote about a commercial that I love involving kids.

Today in Kindergarten, there were two funny things said and I actually took the time and wrote them down.  One little boy came in extremely excited because his newborn baby sister’s “one million accord” fell off this morning!  (Of course he was talking about her umbilical cord.)

Later in the day, one of the boys told me that his right hand was very lucky.  I asked him why and he told me, “because it can snap.”

There are so many more, but a favorite of mine came years ago, when a little girl came to me to ask what we were having for snack.  Jokingly I told her, “liver and kidneys.”  She gave me a horrified look.  I gently explained that I was kidding and it was our regular apple juice and graham crackers.  She continued to look puzzled and finally asked me if people really ate that.  I told her yes and she got even more upset.  She looked at me, pointed at her knee and said, “there are really people out there who eat kid’s knees!?!?!?”  I could not help but laugh.

To be so filled with innocence and wonder.  Another reason I love teaching Kindergarten!  I get to see the world through the eyes of five year olds!

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