Photos Capture Memories

life is like a camera

Yesterday on Facebook, I noticed a lot of people posting old photos and calling it, “Throwback Thursday.”  I don’t know how I missed that  – but I loved seeing all the old photos of friends of mine.  Of course, I had to share one of mine too!  Then, this morning, I received an email from Shutterflly, (where I order photo books from regularly,) saying their “photo book sale was on.”  Four times a year, I order a new photo book filled with photos from that season.  I have been taking photos for years and for the longest time, I’d have prints sent to me.  Those prints would pile up and I’d get stressed from all the clutter!!  Then I discovered photo books!!  They take some time to make but instead of prints, when I am done creating them, I have a beautifully bound book filled with all of my favorite memories from the season.  I sound like an advertisement for Shutterfly – but I truly love using their site to create these books.

Tonight, the boys are out with Dave at a hockey game and I am home alone so I decided to get together all of my Summer photos that have been filling up my desktop computer and begin working on the latest book.  Every time I create one, I realize why I take so many photos all of the time!!  I am sitting here alone, reliving the days of Summer right now.  Baseball games, days in New York City, time spent with friends and family, mom’s bench…the book is filled with memories of a happy summer.  I love all of the books that I have created, but this year’s Spring book wasn’t one of my favorites.  It was rather slim – not having a lot of pictures to fill it.  Spring was really tough for us this year and although we kept busy, I realized as I compiled those photos, that we really did not do a lot- or at least not a lot that I wanted to remember.   Summer was different.  We went out, we visited places and we enjoyed ourselves.  We even celebrated mom’s first birthday in heaven by releasing balloons.  I caught most of it through photos and now, those memories are captured forever.

Photos create memories.  As I go through them, I can go back in time and I get to remember just how significant all of those little moments were!

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