The Little Things

little things big hearts

About a week ago, I wrote about trying to not let “the little things” bother me so much. Today though, I think that I should quickly point out how sometimes, it is the that “the little things” make my day so much better. This afternoon, a wicked storm blew through our area. Tornado warnings were even called, although we did not experience one thank goodness!! Dave had dinner cooking in the crockpot and the whole house smelled delicious!  He took Drew to his batting practice.  Monday nights are always our late night to eat because not only does Drew have practice, but I have my kickboxing class.  I was disappointed because tonight, it had been canceled due to the storm.  Dave knows how much I look forward to that class and I know he was trying to cheer me up.  He came home from dropping off Drew, with a big bunch of kale, (my new favorite vegetable,) so that we could make a big kale salad that lasts me all week!  It is my favorite and Dave knows how much I love it.  Usually he will make it for me and have it ready with dinner and lots of leftovers for me to bring with me to work!

Dave knows, I don’t need a big bunch of flowers…I never have.  Just a nice big bunch of kale!  It made my day.  The little things!!


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