Dinner With Friends

laugh belly ache

Although I really love Friday Night Family Dinners, sometimes it is so nice to change my routine and end a busy week by having dinner with friends.  Tonight I got to do just that.  It was a dinner filled with lots of  yummy food and lots of laughter. We went to a popular restaurant in town.  It is tough to get into – no reservations accepted and since my usual Friday night  family dinners never consists of less than 12 people, it is not a place I have had the chance to eat at.

I have heard that “laughter is the best medicine.”  There must be some truth to that statement because after a very hectic and busy week I am feeling much less stressed tonight.  Maybe it is just because it is a Friday night.  Perhaps it is because I don’t have to set my alarm tomorrow morning….whatever it is, I know that I laughed so hard tonight that my stomach actually hurt.  It felt good to laugh that hard.  We are already trying to find another night we can do it again.  Maybe next time we will even invite our husbands to tag along.  I wonder if they’ll find as much humor in our conversations as we did!?!?!

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