Perfect Autumn Day

autumn like spring

Today is one of those days that makes you want to be outside.  Although it has been Autumn for three weeks already, today is the first day that really feels like it!  The sky is the most brilliant shade of blue, the leaves are turning their bright, vivid colors.  The air is crisp, but not quite cold.  We are in sweaters and sweatshirts, but don’t need a coat yet.  I have all the window open in the house and the rustling of the leaves is heard all over the house.  We did a little “spring cleaning” this morning, moving around furniture so that we could open the french doors that lead out onto the new front porches that were finished just last week.  Perfect timing for today’s magnificent weather.

Drew, Dave and I had breakfast on the new back porch this morning.  Weather like this makes me love living in New Jersey.  A state where we witness all four seasons – sometimes to the extreme!  From blizzards in the winter to days with temperatures near 100 degrees in the summer, we get to experience all of it.  Spring has always been my favorite, but today rivals one of the best weather days of the year.  I would like to bottle it up and store it away for those days when I am dreading the dark, cold days of winter.  The smell of wood burning is in the air and the boys are playing football in the yard.   I just finished hanging up some scarecrows on the front steps who will greet Halloween visitors in a few weeks.

Later this afternoon, we will celebrate Oktoberfest with friends at a local fundraiser.  It is the perfect night for it.  If a day could be labeled perfect…today might just be in the top ten!

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