Perfect Kindness

perfect kindness

In my coaching group, we are talking about “realizing our Epic.”  Not an easy task.  We are thinking about the path that it will take to get us to reach it.  What do we truly want to do, or be?  How will we be fulfilled?  For a few of us, we aren’t really sure what it is yet.  We talked about what we want.  What we need.  How we will get it…

Our group leader Tammy, gave us an assignment.  She wants us to write about how we’d like to be remembered.  I haven’t begun to write it, but the more  I have been thinking about it, the more I hope that I am remembered for being a good friend and a generous and kind person.  I know she wants us to dig deeper than that.  Perhaps when I do, I will be inclined to share it.  While trying to think about it, I came across this quote, “Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness.”  That is my hope, not just for me but for others.  Being kind doesn’t have to be a hard thing.  It can just happen if we let it.  It should not take a lot of effort to be kind.  Random acts of kindness are what made me start this blog in the first place.  I still hope that when people read it, they are reminded just how easy it is to be kind.

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