Credit Card Theft

good vs bad

I am sitting here writing my blog on my iPad tonight because Dave and DJ are on the computer and the phone dealing with our credit card company because for the second time this year, DJ’s credit card number has been stolen and used, racking up numerous charges sending him way below zero in his account.

The charges are for places we have never heard of.  Some are located in Dublin. Others are from India. I have goggled the numbers and names of the “companies” and we have not heard of any of them. The evening has been spent on the phone for hours going over all of the charges which apparently stretch back for months!

DJ never keeps a lot of money in that account. He works only a few hours a week so it doesn’t amount to much. I am not sure why it took so long to be notified. I guess it was a significant enough overdraft. Some of the charges were little. Just a dollar here and there. Others were more, $40 on average but many of them all within hours of each other.

DJ assures us that he doesn’t ever lend out his card he has never shared his PIN number. We have told him to only use the ATMs at his own bank. The few times he has made a credit card purchase on line, we were aware of it. I am not sure why this has happened to him twice now. He’s a pretty responsible kid. He’s sensible about money and how he spends it.

It just infuriates me that there are people out there that do this! When I goggled those company names and numbers they came up in numerous searches and they were all about fraud and other people having their credit card numbers stolen. These are people who are using others hard earned money and benefiting from it.  We were asked if we wanted to press charges or if we will file a police report.  We do.  I don’t know how they catch these people but they truly are criminals and since they are ripping off innocent people they deserve to face a penalty for what they are doing.

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