A Big Day for New Jersey


New Jersey gets a bad rap most of the time.  People assume it is all swamps and refineries.  In college whenever I said that I was from New Jersey, the joke was, “What exit,” referring to all of the highways that run through our state.  Yet,  what most people who don’t live here don’t realize, is that all over New Jersey, you will find beautiful tree lined roads, charming business districts and homes that are centuries old.  I have always been proud to say that I am from New Jersey.  Today, I am even prouder because earlier this afternoon, in a ruling by Judge Mary C. Jacobson, same sex partners in New Jersey, now have the right to get married.

The town I live in, Maplewood, makes me even prouder.  It is a unique town with a diversely enriched population.  Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality, once called Maplewood, “the ‘peak’ of the state’s most gay-friendly residential ‘corridor,’ stretching through a swath of western Essex County.” 

Beginning on Monday at noon, our mayor, Vic DeLuca will begin performing marriage ceremonies for same sex partners.  Three couples are already scheduled to be married next week.

I know that this is a huge win for thousands of gay couples in New Jersey, and having many friends who will benefit from this, has made me so incredibly happy for them!

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