Don’t forget to play!

go outside

This afternoon, I went and watched a fun soccer game.  Drew’s team, which Dave is the coach of, had no game this weekend so Dave arranged to get the field and hold a “Parents vs Kids” game instead.  There was a huge turnout!  Most of the team made it and although no moms played, most of the dads did.  A bunch of siblings played too and that was fun, (although my own two boys got into an argument and wound up having a lot less fun than everyone else…)

I took loads and loads of photos of the game.  The smiles on the faces of the kids are great, but the smiles on the dads’ faces are priceless!  They got to be kids again today and the kids got to be impressed by how well their dads were able to play!  The dads played hard and at the end of the first half they were winning so the second half was mixed with kids and dads on both teams.  A much more evenly matched game.

Adults should get the chance to play like kids- and with their kids – more often!  This might have to turn into an annual event!

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