Excited About Reading


I love when I see children excited about reading.  Tonight was the middle school book fair at Drew’s school and I volunteered to work it for the evening shift.  Throughout the evening, there were excited kids browsing the shelves!  Watching those kids wandering around with animated chatter about books was such a great sight to see!  They were discussing books with their parents.  I overheard a bunch of them near the teachers’ wish list and I loved listening to the them discussing which books they should buy for which teacher and why!

Drew has always been an unenthusiastic reader so I never want to push him to hard about reading because I don’t want him to become more reluctant that he already is.  At school book fairs, I will usually give him a choice of two books, one a novel or chapter book and the other his choice.  That choice is usually some type of sports facts or anthology, but as long as he is reading, I am fine with that!

Watching Drew and his friends taking so much time discussing books tonight, was a big deal for me!  I can barely get him to reach his required reading minutes each day, so to hear him actually having conversations about the books he heard read in class, or books that are on a topic that he is discussing in school was awesome.

Middle School has brought out a new excitement in him.  Perhaps a new chapter in his own life is developing and if it means that it is bringing a new excitement towards reading, I am excited to see where it takes him!


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