Be Real


Several months ago I wrote about inner-beauty.

It was one of the hardest posts that I wrote and it took the most courage for me to post it.  I even hesitated linking my blog to it today – that is how uncomfortable I was with sharing it.  There are so many women who suffer with body image.  Seeing gorgeous women on the covers of magazines doesn’t help.  I hear some of my friends talking about how hard it is raising daughters in this environment.  What we are “told” is perfect…is actually not.

perfect size

There is no “perfect.”  Being healthy is so much more important than what size you are.  I need to follow this mantra myself.  I am always trying to lose “those last few pounds.”  I am always comparing myself to others.  Especially when I see those “perfect” bodies in magazines.  Today, I saw this short photo shopped video of a woman, who is trying to instill the idea of “no one is perfect” in her daughters.  Embrace what is real.  Stay healthy and treat your body well.  That is what will make you perfect.  I have to ingrain this into my own brain…

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