While Some Rejoice, Others Mourn

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This morning I attended a wake for a co-worker’s husband who died earlier this week.  I am so sad for her and her boys and I hope that she realizes by the amount of people who showed up today to honor her husband’s life, just how much love and support is out there for her.

Ironically, this fell on my brother’s 35 birthday.  This has been a rough few weeks for him. Last week was Francine’s birthday and today, his own that he will have to celebrate without her by his side.  Our family is taking him out for dinner tonight- twenty of us – to help him realize how much he is loved and to let him know that we are all still there supporting him when he needs us most.

It is going to be a rough few weeks for him I am sure.  This would have been the time when Francine was getting close to her due date and I am sure the birth of his babies is on his mind.  Especially because a cousin of ours had a baby this week.  Another great-grandchild for my Gram.  I believe that makes number 15 for her.

It is not a mystery that when one person dies, another is born.  Everyone knows that.  It is how life works, but the day after my mom’s funeral, our good friend had a baby.  The day after the loss of my coworker’s husband, my new cousin was born.  It is my hope that my friend knows how we all mourn with her as she remembers the beautiful and precious moments that she spent with her husband.  As my family sadly learned this year, she will be living in a completely different world.  It might be a world that she never hoped to visit, but a world where although our loved ones are not physically with us, they are still always around us.

“Every day someone dies
As yet another is born
Life will continue to go on
While some rejoice and other mourn.”

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