Last Game

Today was the last soccer game of the season for Drew’s South Mountain Dynamos team. This was a consolation game. They lost in the final minutes of their game last week in a heart breaking game. A win would have sent then into the finals.

This team played as though it was the championship game though. None of them gave up or played any differently and they wound up winning 4-1. Drew scored one of the goals. He was so proud of himself.

The team has been together for a few years now. A few players have left and a few new ones joined but for the most part they’ve been the same boys have been teammates for several years. Dave has coached them the whole time.

The kids on this team are really great boys. They cheer one another on and work together. A true example of the quote, “there is no I in team.”

The parents are the same way. We cheer for each other’s children. We compliment and praise them for their hard work. Dave always asks me, “How were the parents today?” My answer is always the same, “They were great.” Sadly we have seen inappropriate behaviors on the sidelines before. Not on our team fortunately but at other times we’ve seen poor sportsmanship and NOT from the kids but the adults! If parents cannot act appropriately, how will their kids learn to be good sports?

This boys on this team are a true testament to their parents. Great role models for all and I am so proud to be a part of it.



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