Football Sunday


The unseasonably warm weather today has made for a gloomy, foggy day.  A day that I am glad to have nothing to do besides school work and housework. I am still in my workout clothes from the kickboxing class I led this morning.  Haven’t even wanted to take the effort to shower.  It is a good thing I have nowhere to be!  The kids got their school work done and counted down the minutes until “Red Zone” began.  I am not sure if I am a fan of Red Zone yet.  It makes me dizzy trying to follow along as the games jump from play to play and stadium to stadium.   I try to follow which team is playing which and when I finally figure it out and begin to get enthusiastic about one game – the screen jumps to another, or even worse jumps to split screen and I am watching two games at once!!!

I love watching football.  For me, it is one of the easiest games to follow, but with Red Zone, I cannot focus long enough to comprehend what is going on!  I get disoriented and distracted!! Yet, I am drawn to it and I haven’t left the living room all afternoon as I have watched the huge rain delay in Chicago, the NY Jets get blown out by Buffalo, a tight game between Detroit and Pittsburgh, (although those bumblebee uniforms are atrocious and even more distracting,) and a possible comeback between Washington and Philadelphia.

This afternoon at 4:25, Red Zone goes off and The Giants game is turned on.  No Red Zone for this game.  The kids went to the game with my dad, I am going to watch from the comfort of my living room with Dave.  I don’t like distractions while I watch my team so watching it on FOX rather than Red Zone is much more preferable!!  I am sure Dave finds it a blast to watch football with me and my unique insight to the game!  I call the plays as they happen, I try to send telepathic messages to the coaches when the team is falling apart-as if I could do it better.  I tell Dave jokingly, that he is very lucky to be married to a girl who loves sports as much as I do!  He just laughs – because he knows I am right 🙂

Let’s go Giants!!

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