A Kindergarten Feast

thanksgiving pie

Every year, to celebrate Thanksgiving at school, we hold a Kindergarten Feast.  This year at our school, there are five Kindergarten classes.  In the beginning of the month, we begin planning for it.  With 110 Kindergarteners, we need a lot of food!  We could not do it without the generous families and we are thankful for them.  We serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Each class has a turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, corn, corn bread, stuffing and everyone’s favorite….pie with whipped cream.  We have the families sign up to bring in the food and we share it all among the classes.  We combine the classes so that we can eat together.

We have been learning about Thanksgiving all month in Kindergarten and the first Thanksgiving so the feast is a perfect way to end the unit before the Thanksgiving break at school.  I am not sure how long the feasts have been held at our school, but I know that it is one of the favorite days of Kindergarteners.  The parent volunteers seem to love it too.  I know that even way back when I was in Kindergarten at this same school, we had a Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.  I have a photo somewhere that I will need to dig up, of my dad coming in that day to celebrate with our class.  I am not sure if the feast have been ongoing since then, but if they are, then then it has been for at LEAST 38 years!!

I hope that if I can still remember mine, because it made such a lasting impression, that someday, my students will look back and fondly remember the feast that they celebrated when they were in Kindergarten too!

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