Feeling the Gratitude

thankful everyday

I received two lovely notes of thanks from students this week.  One was a letter from a fifth grader, who was in my class when he was in Kindergarten.  He wanted to let me know how much he loved Kindergarten and how he still remembers how special it was to be in my class.  I actually teared up reading it.  The other was from a first grader who was in my class last year.  Another sweet note telling me how special Kindergarten was for him.

Both of those messages truly made me feel appreciated and I am grateful. I get “love notes” nearly everyday from students in my class.  There is no shortage of those in Kindergarten.  Yet, these two boys who went out of their way to thank me, made me feel even more loved.   I am filled with gratitude because I work in a school where not only is there an amazing staff, but wonderful families as well.  I get to go to work everyday to a place where I feel warm, welcome and appreciated.

Thanksgiving is a great day to remind us to give thanks for all that we have but we should remember to be grateful everyday and let others know just how important they are to you.  It truly can make someone’s day!  These boys surely made mine!

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