Happy Thanksgiving

life is amazing

It is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect, be thankful and eat… a lot!

Considering what a difficult year this has been for our family, I still find myself feeling so grateful today.  For my children who continually surprise me with their compassion, empathy and tenderness.  Even this morning, Drew went out in the bitter cold and blew bubbles towards the sky telling me that he was sending them to Grandma and Francine in heaven.  He wanted to be sure they knew he was thinking of them today.  For Dave, my best friend who gives me a reason to smile everyday.  For my dad, sister and brothers, niece and nephew who are always here for us.  For my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma.  We are lucky to all live so close to one another and fortunate to see each other often.  Our lives would not be the same without all of them.  I am thankful for my coworkers, my friends, who inspire me to be a great teacher.  Not many people get the opportunity to work with some of their best friends and I am so thankful for that.  I am grateful for our good friends, Kelly and Andrew.  We may not get to see them as often as we like, but we couldn’t imagine anyone else we’d want to be our children’s Godparents and it makes the times we do get together that much more special.  My newest group of friends, in my coaching group.  You have helped me through a tough year and I am so happy that we have become friends.  I am looking forward to sharing another year with you and getting to know you even better.

I am thankful for my mom and Francine.  Having the two of them in our lives was a blessing in itself, but now that they are gone, it seems to have brought our family even closer than we were before.  We miss them so much but I think it makes us even more grateful knowing how lucky we were to have had them for as long as we did.  It has made us rethink what is important and what really isn’t.

I know that I often finding myself wishing that I had more.  A bigger house, or at least one that wasn’t falling apart at the seams!  More money to take our boys on vacations, more money so that we didn’t feel like we were struggling as those bills come into the house each month.  I find myself wishing for more quite often, yet, here I sit here, in the comfort of my warm home, with several televisions showing the parade as food cooks in the oven. I am typing this on my desktop computer as I text on my phone and ipad.  I realize that as I sit around wishing for more, I already have so much!  I don’t even just mean material things – which we have plenty of – perhaps even too much!!   We already have so much.  I need to remember to keep things  in perspective and remember just how much I have and how blessed I really am.  It should not be just on Thanksgiving that I feel grateful for all of these things, but it is nice to have a day that makes us all sit back and reflect on how lucky we are and how thankful we should be for it.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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