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browning love

Last night Dave and I went to a wedding for two of our friends.  I met them last year, when I was their son’s Kindergarten teacher.  We have become very close and I was honored when they invited us to be a part of their celebration.  I was even more honored when they asked me if I would take photos of the event.  Photography is a hobby of mine and I love capturing those special moments in a photograph.

This wedding was a first for us.  It was the first gay wedding that either of us had attended.   In October, when New Jersey ruled in favor for the freedom for all to be married, Eddie and Todd decided that they’d get married here in New Jersey.   We are so happy for them.  Everyone deserves to be married to the person that they love.   On October 21, in the town where I live, there was a large wedding ceremony outside of town hall where several gay couples were married in a group ceremony.

It is such a blessing to live where we do.  My children are growing up in an area where they don’t see differences and that makes me so proud.  The wedding yesterday was for families.  Children and adults witnessed two men, two best friends, committing themselves to one another, with their son by their side and their families and friends surrounding them.  The room was filled with love and warmth as these two men expressed their devotion to each other.   I am so happy that I was a part of their celebration.

I wish them love and happiness as they continue on their journey in life.  They have been together for over 15 years and I wish them many, many more happy years to come.


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