Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a day that takes time to celebrate the kindness and generosity of others.  Now in its second year, Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  It is a daylong national event designed to help raise money and encourage volunteering for charitable causes.  The hope is that it becomes a national movement that becomes synonymous with the holidays , just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become.

I wish that I had heard about it sooner than today!  I don’t know how I missed it since it is being promoted all over the internet!  People are being encouraged to take an “UNselfie” photo of them self holding a sign saying, “I am giving  because __________” and to tag it as #unselfie to share with others how they are giving on Giving Tuesday.

Hopefully this idea takes off!  It is a great reminder during the holidays to remember those less fortunate.  I am already marking my calendar for next year so that I don’t forget!

I found this on

“Many of us stay up all night wrapping gifts year after year. We give out of obligation or from the kindness of our hearts and most often we give to those who we are close to or interact with on a regular basis. But there is a world out there that extends beyond our close circle of family and friends, and the world is in need. The world is filled with people who are depending on the kindness of others, people who may have never met them; people who are not a part of their circle. People like you and me.”

The day that celebrates being charitable to others is here as Giving Tuesday encourages people to give back to others this holiday season.

Giving Tuesday is a day that takes time to celebrate and encourage the kindness and generosity of others. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, charities and organizations go all out in order to help others in need.


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