Dinner with Tim

family 2

Tonight, my dad called and invited us all to join him for dinner with my brother Tim.  Tim’s having a rough week.  This is the week that his babies would have been born had life not changed so drastically for everyone in April.

I had a class, the boys and my niece and nephew had homework, but we all did what we always do for one another, we went.  Less than two hours, at our family’s usual place for some yummy comfort Italian food.  We sat with Tim and just let him know that we are all there for him.  He talked a little about Francine and the babies but for the most part, it was just a regular family dinner.  Probably just what Tim needed.

After such a traumatic year for all of us, we all have our good and bad moments.  Remembering good times and being together is what we all need.  The holidays will be hard for him – for all of us I am sure, but knowing that we have a big family of parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, who are always around to console, support and take care of each other is what has kept us all going for all of these months, and it was what will get us through the months to come as well.


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