First Snow


Today was our first snowfall of the season.  We woke to school closings listed all over the news stations, but not ours.  The roads were difficult to maneuver and cars were slipping and sliding as people made their way to work and school this morning.

As Drew and I walked to our car, we both noticed the silence that always occurs as snow is falling.  It is a sound that I cannot describe.  I tried to find a word for it, but couldn’t do it.  Just silent.  Peaceful.   Once we were out on the road, all that “silence” dissipated fairly quickly as the traffic got heavier and the cars moved at a snails pace.  I always enjoy the first snowfall, though I admit I get tired of it pretty quickly.  I like when it falls on a weekend, and there is no work or school to worry about getting to. There is more time to enjoy it, shovel it and even play in it.

This morning, when I picked up my students on the playground, you couldn’t miss the squeals and laughter as the snow was falling on them.   I often forget just how young my Kindergarteners are.  They probably have experienced snow so few times, it is all new for them.  They even asked me if I could see the snow…as I stood there in it with them.  I watched them as they tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues and clumsily try to make snowballs with their hands inside their mittens.

It snowed all day long while we were at school, stopping in time for dismissal.  They could not wait to get home and play outside!  It made me wonder when that joy of playing in the snow ended for me.  I don’t like the cold and although I think it is beautiful, I don’t like to be in the snow.  I remember liking it as a child.  Growing up we had a great hill in our front yard for sledding.  We would be out there every time it snowed. I am not sure when it became more of a burden than a joy.  I just dread the cold so much!!

Today when I came home from work, I found Drew in our front yard playing in it.  He was having so much fun.  He made me come out and take pictures and as I stood there, despite the cold, I could not help but smile as I watched him.  For some people, maybe that love of playing in the snow never ends.  As I watched the joy on Drew’s face, I hoped that he’d be one of those people, because to find pleasure in something so simple is really a gift.  Another reminder of “the little things.”

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