Christmas Shopping

missing someone

This afternoon, Dave and I took Drew Christmas shopping.  He had a list of everyone that he needed to buy for and his wallet filled with his own money to spend.  Dave and I did a little shopping ourselves while we were out.  In the past, I always found my mom one of the hardest to buy for.  She had everything she needed.  We never knew what to get her.  Last year, there was a fundraiser for our local high school.  They are refurbishing the auditorium.  My parents met there and all of us went there.  Dave and I met there too and now, our son DJ is a student there.  It seemed fitting that we would buy mom and dad a seat in the auditorium.  The inscription will read,

“Charles and Eleanor Gianni – It all began at CHS”  

It was such a fitting gift for them.  My parents have always been extremely charitable and doing something in their honor, at the school “where it all began” was perfect.  They loved it.  We even joked that we could only afford one of the “cheap seats” so it would have to be in the back, but in her usual chipper way, mom just replied that she’d never have been able to walk all the way to the front of the auditorium anyway so it was the perfect place for it.

This year, even though it had always seemed so hard before, it seemed that everywhere I looked I found something that would have been perfect for her.  I have been very melancholy the last few days.  I have been missing her a lot.  We all have.  The kids have been talking a lot about her and how much she loved this time of year.  Dad hung her Christmas stocking where it has always hung on the stairs at his house.  I asked Drew if he wanted to go to the cemetery this week and visit her and Francine.  They are buried in a mausoleum and my father told me that there is a Christmas tree right near where they are buried.  We were thinking of bringing an ornament for each of them and hanging them on the tree.

We have a busy week this week.  We will decorate dad’s tree on Tuesday and my grandma’s tree on Thursday, (which is also Drew’s birthday.) Mom loved these weeks leading up to Christmas so much and while I am sure that they know we are thinking about them, bringing an ornament to the cemetery might be a good way for us to let them know that they are still a part of it.


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