polar express

Every year, without fail, I get the same question from my Kindergarteners.  It usually causes great argument!  “Is Santa Claus real?”   My students are five and six years old, there is really only one answer I can give them and I give the same on every year, “I believe.”  I won’t say much more than that.  This year it did not come up until Friday, but it came up with quite a debate and even a few tears!

Each year during the month of December, I introduce the class to different holidays.  I do a bit of Hanukkah, some Christmas and we even touch a bit on Kwanzaa, (although I don’t know a lot about this one – so I do what I can.)  I invite the students’ families to come in and share traditions that their families celebrate.  It is always so much fun and I get to learn about traditions I may not have otherwise known about.

Each year, I try to read them, “The Polar Express.”  If we are able, we also watch the movie.  This year, we had the opportunity to watch it.  Some had seen it before, others had not.  At the end, when the young boy shakes the bell and all of the children can hear it, they hear the words that “only believers can hear it.”  As my students heard the bell, a few of them gasped.  I watched their faces and one asked if I had heard it.  I told them that I had, and one of the girls said, “she told you already that she believes, so of course she hears it!”

I would never be the one to spoil the magic of Christmas for any child.  It is my hope that everyone believes even just a little bit, because truly, I still do.  During the Season of Christmas, seeing others choosing good over bad, spreading good cheer and finding joy in giving rather than receiving, truly is magical.

polare express 2


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