More ideas for 2014


After my post yesterday and thinking about the new year, I got a few ideas from friends and family about their plans and resolutions for the new year.  One of them was from my friend Judie who shared a link with me that I am sharing here.  It suggests that instead of making a resolution to change something, we focus on a word.  A word that would guide us throughout the year. It would be our touchstone – a word that gives us something to concentrate on.  Words like, compassion, kindness, growth, awareness, order…are among them.  Definitely something to think about and focus on.

Spending less time on the internet, shop locally, volunteer more.  There were some great suggestions too.

One of my favorite ideas that I saw was to create a gratitude journal.  That seems simple enough.  I might even be able to incorporate it into my blog.  I was looking for a different “spin” for the blog.  It was a cute idea and I even saw some gratitude journals for sale on the internet, yet it seemed easy enough to do on your own.  “365 Things I am Grateful For”.  A simple notebook would work, or scrapbook.  Each day, you could jot something down or put a picture or quote that meant something to you.

At the end of the year, you would have something wonderful to look back on and see all of the things that made your year wonderful.  This year, although it was not all gratitude, I have my blog to look back on and reminisce about all of the things that happened throughout 2013.  For me, it was not filled with all happy memories and I am glad it is almost over but I am lucky to have it all documented to look back on.  A gratitude journal could provide that too.  A memento of all the most important moments in your year.  I think I might just try it myself.


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