A Mass for Mom


Last night, Dave and I went to 5:30 mass.  Every mass throughout the week has a special intention for someone.  The intention for this mass happened to be for my mom.  Many people have dedicated masses to her throughout the year and when they fall on a Saturday or a Sunday, I try to go.  My dad goes to mass every week, mostly on Saturday evenings.  I go almost every week, though I do miss a mass here and there.  Last night, dad could not make the 5:30 so I told him I would go for mom.

Dave doesn’t often go to mass, but will occasionally come with me if he knows it is important to me.  Last night, it was just the two of us since my kids were with my dad and brothers and while we were waiting for mass to begin, I realized that it was not one of the usual priests that would be celebrating mass.  Instead, “His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick” was presiding over mass.  He happened to be visiting Seton Hall University, which is in the same town as Our Lady of Sorrows, and he asked our Monsignor if he could serve the mass.

Although Cardinal McCarrick is considered a “retired Cardinal,” there are still only about 180 Cardinals in the world and only 19 in the United States.  Dave and I were asked to carry the gifts to the altar during mass and as we approached the Cardinal he gave us a truly genuine smile.  Dave joked with me later asking me if it made me “feel holier” and although it seems silly – it really did!

This week’s mass celebrated “The Feast of the Holy Family” and the Cardinal’s sermon was all about family and what better day than this to have a mass for my mom?!!?  She was all about family and tradition and she cherished all of us.  There was nothing more important to her.

Although I know it was just luck that caused this mass for mom to be led by Cardinal McCarrick, I know that she would have been truly honored and even humbled to know that such a prominent man was there to lead it.

cardinal mccarrick

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