Happy New Year!


I have always thought that starting a New Year’s resolution on New Years Day was not a good idea!  I am not at all against the idea of making a New Year’s resolution – or two or three…. In fact, quite the opposite.  I like the idea of sitting back and thinking about ways to improve myself or make a change for the better.  It is too bad that most of us only think about this once a year.  I am guilty of this myself, although during Lent, I often revisit it and come up with something I will sacrifice or do to make myself a better person.

I also know myself well enough to know that some resolutions are not easy for me to keep.  I shocked myself this year sticking to the ones I did!  So perhaps, instead of coming up with ideas that I know will not  be possible for me to keep – although I definitely thought of  several:

  1. Go meatless but how do I give up meatballs or my favorite crock-pot meals?
  2. Eat less sugar
  3. Lose a few pounds
  4. No swearing
  5. Eating more vegetables
  6. Do more for others
  7. Exercising everyday
  8. Purge!  My house, my classroom, my emails and file cabinet!!

I decided to do it differently.  I think I will designate days, or weeks.  Maybe Meatless Wednesdays or eperhaps ach month can be a different goal.  Smaller goals to set for myself.  A chance to re-commit myself each month so that I just might reach those goals.  A little less pressure to get it all done.

About five years ago, Dave and I took the kids out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory on New Years Day.  The next year, we happened to go again.  DJ and Drew decided that this needs to be our personal family tradition.  Something for just the four of us and so, for the last few years, that is where we go for lunch each New Year’s Day.  This year, we invited my dad to join us and so in a little while, we will meet him there.  DEFINITELY not the day for me to start all of these resolutions!  Especially the “lose a few pounds, eat less sugar and no meat” ones!

Yet, today I did do a lot of purging.  Drew and I attacked his room and have bags and bags filled with things.  There is trash, clothes to donate, old toys and books.  So at least one of those was done today! Oh!  and I haven’t said a swear word today…at least not out loud!  So 2/7 I guess is a good start!


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