Watching them Bloom

children are flowers

As I get back into a routine for next week, I have been sitting at the computer for hours doing lesson planning.  Winter themes on the plans for Kindergarten for the next few weeks: snow, snowmen, mittens…January brings a long stretch of teaching with just one day off for Martin Luther King Day later in the month.  It is good to get into a flow and routine with the kids.  This is when I begin to see huge changes in my students.  It is like a light bulb goes off in January and things really start falling into place.  Reading and writing get more fluid and they become little learners.  I love watching it happen. The snow day Friday gave us all an extra day of vacation but now it is time to get into the “nitty-gritty” of Kindergarten.

While I sit at the computer planning and finding fun activities for my class, I often take my own “Brain Breaks.”  I do them with my class all of the time.  I just turn on some music and we dance and move and basically give our brains a break!  While I was taking one of these brain breaks, I came across a short video of kids helping kids and I thought I’d share it here.  It was too sweet not to, and really just heartwarming.  I love when I see kids doing the right thing and helping one another.

It is all a part of watching children bloom – kids can be so amazing.

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