Yesterday, I found a comment on my blog from another blogger, Meg Evans.  She told me about her, “Random Kindness Blog Tour.”  She had come across my blog and shared mine, writing:

The author, a kindergarten teacher, started this blog a year ago “to create a place where people could go to read about the goodness in people.”  Even the smallest acts of kindness, she points out, can make a difference in a big way.  Each daily post begins with a quote about kindness to inspire reflection.

She is going to continuously update her blog every day in 2014 as she finds knew ones that spread kindness and positivity.

I love the idea, and although I don’t know if I will add one every day, there will now be a new link on my blog that will take you to other blogs that are inspiring kindness.  Meg wrote, (and I am joining in on the adventure,) “Although I don’t yet know what they will be, discovering them is part of the fun! I hope you’ll enjoy them too.”

I will still be writing my “regular blog” daily but this will be in addition and a great way to share inspiring stories that I come across.

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