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missing someone

Today’s prompt: SEE

Nearly every night, before I fall asleep, I say a quick prayer to my mom asking her to come see me in my dreams.  Once in awhile she shows up.  Not very often though and rarely in the way I want to see her.  It has been nearly ten months since she died and I miss her dreadfully.  I didn’t see her daily, but we talked… and talked… and talked… probably three times a day and living less than two miles from each other, my kids, who I know miss her so much, saw her just about everyday.

Everyday, I see things that remind me of her, or make me want to pick up the phone and call her.  I will be driving, or walking, or…..doing anything when a memory of her comes back and actually makes me catch my breath.  Is that normal?  I don’t know.  Before she and my sister-in-law Francine died last year, I really was fortunate to not have to deal with death very often in my 43 years.

There is a commercial that I see nearly everyday.  I hate it.  I understand the reason for it.  It is an anti-smoking advertisement.  It shows a man sitting in a chair, struggling for breath, attached to an oxygen tank.  It truly hurts my heart to watch it, knowing that my mom was dealing with this on a daily basis and she was NOT a smoker.  She was just unfortunate enough to wind up with COPD, (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)

So for now, I will keep asking her to come and see me, and when I picture her in heaven, I see her with her mom, Francine and all the people she loved that went before her and I see her breathing – unattached to hoses and breathing tubes, and of course, she is smiling.

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One thought on “SEE

  1. fionacharisbrown January 10, 2014 at 6:55 am Reply

    I’m so sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing about it – it must be hard to even find the words to describe your feelings – but you did it very well. I know the ad you speak of too – ugh – awful one! I’m so glad we have the blessed assurance of heaven.

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