Mystery Man

lewis clark deep secret

Another big snow storm is blowing through the area today.  This one is supposed to be pretty severe, (at least for people in New Jersey.)  I know other states experience a lot more snow and much colder temperatures, but one of my favorite things about living in New Jersey is that we get to experience all four season and “just enough” of each!  This winter, (and it is only January,) has been the exception.  Schools called for an early dismissal so we were out before one o’clock which was good.

Dave’s flight arrived early this morning so he beat the storm and the kids are home now.  Started a big pot of chicken cooking up on the stove so we are warm and safe in doors.  No point starting to shovel since this storm is supposed to go all night long!

My coworker Jessica stopped me in the hall at the end of the day and told me to look out the window that looks out to the parking lot.  There was a man clearing off my car.  Jessica’s was already done.  I did not notice other cars in the lot that were cleared off, just ours.  It was hard to see with the snow coming down so hard and the person was all dressed in black with a hat on so we could not see who it was. From where we were standing, it looked like a man, though we could be mistaken.  She assumed it was Dave, and from up where we were, it did look like him.  We couldn’t believe how nice it was that he came down to do that for us.  I assumed he must have done it on his way home from picking up the boys from school.   Dave does things like this for me all of the time, so I really wasn’t that out of the ordinary.

I drove home with a smile on my face thinking how thoughtful it was of him to do that for us.  Then, I pulled into the driveway and noticed there were no other tire tracks leading up to the house.  Of course, then I was worried that he did not get home…until I saw his car, completely covered in snow, parked in the driveway.   It definitely had not moved all day.  Then I assumed he must have walked the mile to school to do it for me… but no footsteps in the snow leading up the driveway.  I walked in and there he was, sitting on the couch with Emmy Lou.  I asked him if he had cleared my car and from the look on his face, he had no idea what I was talking about, so it definitely wasn’t him.

I sent a text to Jess to tell her it wasn’t Dave, and now we are trying to figure out who it could have been.  Why our two cars?  Were there others that we just did not see?  I sent a text to another teacher and asked if her car had been cleaned off, but her response, was, “I wish!”  So now, Jess and I are just wondering who this mystery man was!  We owe him a great big thank you and I promise to pay it forward~

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