Continuing With Self-Image


After posting yesterday’s blog about self-image,  and how poor mine is of myself, I have received an overwhelming response.  I shared it and told people to think about what they feel is beautiful about themselves and heard some great responses.  I did not write it to get compliments.  Truly, I am uncomfortable with that, but they are making me look at myself differently which was the whole purpose of our coaching group assignment.  We must be on to something because in just one day, we have been seeing so many things about this topic.  I am sharing some today.  This first one, (according to its title,) “Will forever change the way you look at selfies.”

It was quite powerful and led to a discussion about being comfortable in our own skin.  The young girls had a chance to talk to one another AND their moms about it.  My mom was NEVER one to talk about self-image.  She was as self conscious as I am.  Probably more so.   My sister as well – though she admitted yesterday that she likes taking selfies of herself, something I am not at all comfortable with.  As adults we need to really listen to the way we talk about ourselves in front of our children. Especially mothers and daughters.  If show that we are not confident, how will we be positive role models for them?

There was also this cartoon and response posted – (ironically found on the day after this discussion):

self image cartoon

“Now that is what i call Mirror Work…. Please take the time today to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I Love You” it may sound silly to some of you but give it a try and see what happens and share the results with us below.”

Now our coach gave us a challenge for next week.  We have to take THREE seflies.  I tried.  It is much harder than I thought it would be.  I have already deleted most of them.

Perfect song sung by Christina Aguilera to end with…even if you know it, read along with the lyrics:

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