A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to play in a Bunco game.  I have been really curious how to play and I have heard of several groups of women who play quite often, but most of their teams are already full.  I didn’t know too much about it other than it was a dice game, there were prizes, food and socializing.  All things that I love!  The invite I got for this was from a woman named Heather who I met when I taught her daughter seven years ago.  We stayed in touch via Facebook and I would see her around town and in church now and then.  The invite included a bunch of women from our church.  Her idea was to get women from our parish together in a social setting outside of church.  I saw the invitation on the Evite list and only recognized a few names on it so I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to enjoy myself, fearful of being “the outsider” in the group.

Well it was quite the opposite!  I had such a great time.  Turns out, besides Heather, I knew two other women.  The others were complete strangers to me.  Several of us were new to Bunco so we had something in common.  Bunco was incredibly social – this is sooooooo me!!!  Such an easy game to learn.  Here is a brief description for those who don’t know how to play.  I found on ehow.com.  Since your partner in the game rotates the entire time, there is an opportunity for each person to spend time with everyone chatting, laughing and just playing the game.

We spent about three hours together last night.  I left there in a great mood.  I now know a new bunch of lovely ladies and all of us agreed that we need to keep this going!  Maybe it will become a monthly event for us.  I went in there a bit timid but once we got started, conversation flowed freely and we laughed all night.  I am so happy Heather included me in the group and I look forward to seeing these women again next month.

OH – and perhaps it was just beginners luck, but I wound up with the Bunco box and was the “big winner” in the end!


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