Superbowl Sunday

football family

Since my brother Tim got married, he and his wife Francine hosted a Superbowl party.  Francine always went all out.  She cooked for days leading up to the game and loved doing it.  Tim always went into the city the morning of the game to get a Manganaros sandwich .  He used to go for the big one…the six footer, but with all the food Francine made, and the food that all the guests brought along, it got smaller each year.  I think this year he opted for a three footer.

After Francine died in April, we weren’t sure if Tim would want to do it anymore.  We were all wrong.  He decided to go on with it as they always did and honor Francine’s memory with all of her favorites.  He took my boys into the city with him to pick up the sandwich this morning.  He will go back home to make and prepare all the traditional foods she used to make.  All of the same people were invited.

I am trying a new recipe this year.  I found it on Pinterest, “Cornbread Hot Wing Cupcakes.”  They sound like a perfect party food, mini corn muffins stuffed with blue cheese, topped with blue cheese mashed potatoes and drizzled with hot sauce…my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  Hope they turn out well, but with those ingredients, how could they not?

Having the Superbowl played in New Jersey this year has brought an excitement to the area even though none of our local teams are playing.  They media hype has been fun to watch.  I absolutely love to watch football, but this year, I don’t really have a big interest in who wins so I am just hoping for a good game.  The commercials are always something to look forward to as well.

I keep thinking back to last year.  Mom always sat in the same place, not caring about the game but just happy to be with everyone.  Francine wouldn’t sit for a minute, always too busy to sit down and relax for a minute just making sure everything was perfect.  It will be different, there will be an emptiness but I am glad that Tim decided to go ahead with the party and that all of his friends and family who came in the past are coming again to be with him.  Some holidays are harder than others and although this is not an “official” holiday, it was huge for them and I am sure that having us all together remembering her is important to him.


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