Snowed In…Again

stop snowing

Another snow day here in New Jersey today.  The snow began falling around 5 this morning and it hasn’t let up at all.   After a weekend of weather with temperatures of nearly 50 degrees, I think a lot of us were caught off guard –  even with all of the weather forecasters telling us it was coming.  I thought for sure, if anything we might have an early closing but our superintendent made a good call closing for the entire day.  Even the local roads can’t be cleared because the snow is coming down so hard!  It hasn’t slowed down and it has been going on for over seven hours.

I have to admit it, snow days are great, at least with my kids at the ages they are.  I am not sure if I’d be saying the same thing if they were little and I was spending my day entertaining them!  Instead, they’ve been inside watching movies still in their pajamas.  Midterms were last week so they are all caught up with homework and all of my school work was done so it really is a “do nothing” kind of day.  The house is warm and I have dinner for two days cooking on the stove.  A big pot of sauce for pasta and a shepherd’s pie.  I have begun purging the den and that is always a good feeling.   I just wish they could have been more spread out!  Now that we have used up all of our snow days, any more will result in us having to give days back!  We finally have a Spring Break vacation planned, so I am hoping that doesn’t happen!

I am having a great time following along with the weather comments on Facebook.  Some people love this weather and others hate it.  No matter what though, people find a reason to complain.  There is nothing we can do about the weather.  We cannot control it no matter the season.  Last week when it was so dreadfully cold, I was trying to decide where I could move to where I wouldn’t have to deal with freezing temperatures.  All of the places I came up with had their own downfalls.  Too hot in the summer, earthquakes on the West Coast, hurricanes and tornadoes in other areas.  I guess I will stick to New Jersey.  At least I get to experience all four seasons no matter how drastic they might be.

In a little while we will go out and shovel and clear the driveway so that we can get out tomorrow.  We will get it done just in time for the “next big storm” headed our way tomorrow night…and then another on the weekend…..I am ready to wave the white flag!  We surrender!


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