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After several coaching classes dealing with Self-Image, I went to an exercise class that I have been LOVING.  It is called “Pound” and the teacher of the class is fantastic and full of energy.  She motivates us all to work hard and to be comfortable in our bodies no matter what our ability is.  She was the one who first posted the Pay it Forward Challenge and since I responded to her, she gave me my pay it forward treat last week.

It was a small, smooth rock.  On it was this symbol:  The Goddess Symbol.

goddessalong with it was a note that read:


(You Rock)


This U-Rock has been given to you to symbolize your uniqueness.  Like this rock, you are special and truly one of a kind.  You have strong areas and areas that could use improvement.  You are resilient and you play an important role in things bigger than yourself.   You play an important role as an individual in the greater world around you.


On this rock you will find the Goddess symbol.  The Goddess symbol represents the source of life, beauty, grace and the supernatural power that is inside of every woman.  Let this rock serve as a reminder of the importance of your mind, your experiences and your unique personality.  Rock out in all that you do!

It was so fitting and fell right into place with what we have been discussing.  So, yesterday in our group I gave each of the women their own “Goddess Rock.”  I encourage you to do it too.

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