Olympic Pride


Every two years, The Olympics Games fill our home.  My kids have been setting their alarm clocks to wake up early to watch the hockey games on their days off from school.  We have been trying to avoid the “spoiler alerts” that come through twitter and facebook so that we can watch the competitions in the evening.  Curling, figure skating, luge, bobsled and other sports that we’d probably not give a second glance to any other time of the year, are now prime time events in our house!

Watching the medal totals add up is exciting but what I like to see most, is when the competitors from nations all over the world show such camaraderie. These mutual trusts and friendships that we see at The Olympic Games gives us an opportunity to see nations come together as a whole.  Of course, each athlete goes there with a goal to win but while there they demonstrate their respect, unity and support for one another.

The patriotism from fans has also been impressive.  Heroes are being made daily, although TJ Oshi, US Hockey Team Member said upon being called one, “The American heroes are the ones wearing camo.”  Perhaps superstars would be a better label…

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